water trekking Cavagrande

Ready for adventure! The nature reserve of Cavagrande di Cassibile is famous for  cassibile river and  freshwater lakes.

Excursion based on the ascent of the river and on the study of the many species of plants, endemic animals of the place.

Guaranteed fun!

Tour description

Departure at 08:30 - Return at 17:30

Direction Avola and Fiume Cassibile.

Entrance to the reserve with map, description of Cavagrande and its lakes and a beautiful view of the canyon.

Descent into the canyon until you reach the valley.

We begin the ascent of the river Cassibile, a walk immersed in the crystalline waters famous for their purity.

After about an hour of walking inside the river we will stop for lunch ( included in the price).

Let's go back to the base point, returning we will walk a path where we will admire the dense vegetation and various animals in the reserve.

Last bath before the ascent in the direction of the car.

COLLABORATORS: specialized guides (geologists and naturalists), but mainly passionate.

SPOKEN LANGUAGES: Italian and English

OUR VEHICLES: jeep toyota, land rover 4/6 seats + driver.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: light sport shoes, socks and shorts to be wet.

                                                         sun hat, sunscreen.

                                                         spare shoes, trousers, socks and t-shirt.

                                                        "Our guides will provide impermeable bags that you can immerse"

PSYCHO-PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: not suitable for people with health problems, particularly with mobility problems and cardio-respiratory system.

PROGRAM CHANGES: our managers in the event of weather conditions may vary the route.